The “BEAT”


THe BEATHEBER – On Wednesday, June 4, a call came into the sheriff’s office of a possible ongoing burglary.


The caller reported that she believed an unknown subject was in her residence because she heard the television shutting off.


She was calling from the second story and had two children with her.


Upon arriving the police found no signs of entry or anyone in the area.


HEBER – A 911 call went out about a suspicious person who tried to flag down the caller as she was stopped at a stop sign.


The person, identified by the caller as a bald Hispanic adult male who was wearing a broncos jacket, said he was standing at the north west corner of Heber and Clark roads.


He attempted to open her car door.


When the police arrived, the male was gone. Upon questioning nearby residents, many claimed seeing him, but said he appeared polite, according the sheriff’s logs.


IMPERIAL – A 911 call transferred from the CHP to the sheriff’s office around 2:30 a.m. concerning a disturbing the peace on Austin Road.


The caller said that several juveniles were drinking, yelling, and having a party. The caller had already run off several of the cars.


Upon arriving, the officers found one vehicle stuck in a ditch off of Austin, one mile south of Keystone.



The driver was on the ditch, the car was running and two youths were in the back seat. According to the logs, the officer reported a second vehicle was found in the field, west of the canal.


Meanwhile, another CHP officer in the same vicinity found an ATC stuck in the mud and an open container was found close by.


However, the one with the keys to the vehicle was missing.


The youth was eventually located in the back of another CHP unit. The mother of the juvenile was called to come retrieve the vehicle and respond to the scene.