The Beat



EL CENTRO- On August 26, Imperial County Sheriff’s officers received a call on a reported assault in El Centro. The victim stated that his ex-girlfriend, Isabella Ramirez, came to his house to drop off a passport. According to the victim, she allegedly hit him in the stomach, face, and poured Gatorade on his head, saying she was going to kill him before driving away.

There was no medical attention required, however the victim said he feared for his life.  He told officers he had a gun for protection. Ramirez was found southbound on Nicholas Road with an infant. Ramirez was detained and booked into Imperial County Jail.  The child was handed over to waiting family members.

NILAND- Imperial County Sheriff’s officers responded to a call near Slab City on Friday, August 26, about an individual named Steve allegedly brandishing a weapon at a business owner. According to reports, Steve had walked into the business after the owner told him not to return. Steve said he could come in whenever he pleased and reportedly showed the owner his knife and gun.  Sheriff’s officers detained the suspect.