The American Legion Auxiliary Offers Poppies for Veterans


red paper poppys

Honor the dead – Aid the living. During the month of May 2016 County of Imperial American Legion Auxiliaries will offer Poppies to raise awareness and donations exclusively for the welfare of the needy Veterans and their families throughout the State of California. The red crepe paper Poppy, replica of the Flanders Poppy, was officially adopted in 1921 as the Memorial Flower of The American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary. Through the years it has become the symbol of the dead – their memorial flower.

The red crepe paper Poppy is hand-made exclusively by hospitalized Veterans of the World Wars, Korean War, Vietnam War, Grenada/Lebanon and Panama conflicts, and the Persian Gulf War. It is made of paper to give the Veteran a maximum amount of work and income. In many cases the income derived from this source constitutes the only income of that hospitalized Veteran.

The Poppy flower was selected because many World War I Veterans remembered them on the fields of Europe. The Poppies seemed to bloom even on the shelled battlefields, becoming a sign of hope and renewal for those who survived. The red petals stand for the vast outpouring of blood; the yellow and black center, the mud and desolation of all battlefields. The green of the stem is symbolic of the forests, meadows and fields where generations of Americans have perished to make this land free. The stem represents the courage and determination of our fallen warriors. The assembled product, a paper Poppy, is a symbol of resurrection, which is sure to follow.

Each year volunteer workers and members of The American Legion Auxiliary, offer these poppies to the public, to be worn on Memorial Day, so they may pay tribute to the Nation’s honored war dead. All contributions made by the public are used by The American Legion Auxiliary in support of rehabilitation of Veterans and hospitalized servicemen returning home, amongst other areas.

All donations are gratefully accepted. To make a donation to your local American Legion Auxiliary, please mail to:

Boyce Aten Unit 25                Brawley Unit 60                     Calipatria Unit 135
P.O. Box 3868                         P.O. Box 599                           P.O. Box 233
El Centro, CA 92244              Brawley, CA 92227                Calipatria, CA 92233

Bradley Keffer Unit 138        Corrigedor Unit 597              Bombay Beach Unit 801
P.O. Box 836                           P.O. Box 246                           2108 1st Street
Holtville, CA 92250               Niland, CA 92257                  Bombay Beach, CA 92257

Billie J. Dale Unit 802            Frank Luke Unit 24
P.O. Box 1616                           137 N. Ash Street
Winterhaven, CA 92283        Blythe, CA 92225