The Age of Adaline, a movie review



I wanted this to be a 4 star film, at the least.


I’ve been watching the trailers for a couple of months and loved the idea; beautiful woman who mysteriously never ages! Will she finally find true love?


Blake Lively is beautiful as Adaline Brown, a young woman who has been 29 for nearly 80 years.


The scenery is beautiful. San Francisco never looked better. Even Adaline’s walk-up apartment in a run down part of Chinatown is lovely; so what’s lacking in this ‘lovely to look at’ movie?


Humor or drama; some sort of emotion from Adaline is needed to make this a GOOD movie, not just an OK movie.


The viewer gets the feeling that Adaline is disconnected from her life and is just floating through it, except for the times she is with her daughter, Flemming (Ellen Burstyn.) The trailers have pretty much told the story for you and there are no big surprises coming in the film.


Adaline’s husband died while helping build the Golden Gate Bridge. She was then involved in an automobile accident, shown in the trailers, and explained by the voice of a narrator, that left her ageless with a young daughter to raise.


We know living forever isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. Adaline has kept under the radar after a couple of brushes with the FBI and survives by moving and by changing her identity.


She was wise enough to invest is a young company that was changing its name to XEROX and that’s the explanation for her wealth. Flemming comes in and out of her life and is now old enough to be Adaline’s grandmother. When Ellen Burstyn is on screen, the movie sparkles.


Adaline eventually meets Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman) at New Year’s Eve gala. He is a Prince Charming coming to rescue our beautiful princess from her sad life. With a predicted twist, his father, William (Harrison Ford) is one of Adaline’s lost loves. Ford plays his part well. The narrator explains what follows and one realizes how much William did love Adaline and does love his wife of 40 years (played by a red haired Kathy Baker.)


Like I said, I wanted more from this film. Lively shows limited emotions about all that she has lived through; two world wars, the peace movement, the walk on the moon, not to mention all the social changes she has witnessed. She has almost no sense of humor and only shines for a moment in a game of Trivia Pursuit.


The film is essentially harmless aside one sad vet visit. The actors are well dressed and well behaved and it is a pleasant diversion for an afternoon, but it wasn’t the knock out film I was expecting.


** The Fandango Films continue at the IV Cinemark with BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA this coming Sunday and STEEL MAGNOLIAS on Mother’s Day.

The new Avenger’s movie starts this week. I’m sure it will end Furious 7’s run as box office champion. Those super heroes are pretty hard to defeat with all their gimmicks and noise.