Terrazas Honored By Heber Senior Community

Members of the Heber senior community held a retirement party for outgoing Supervisor Jack Terrazas

HEBER – Imperial County Supervisor and Chairman Jack Terrazas thought he was just turning up to another community event Friday evening, but little did he know the Heber senior community had planned an incredible surprise to celebrate his upcoming retirement.

“Mr. Terrazas is very special to us,” said Teresa Estrada, Heber senior community leader and event coordinator. “This event started as a small party with only seniors, but then it started growing and growing, because everybody knows and loves Mr. Terrazas.”

Dozens of family members, friends, and colleagues filled the Heber Community Center and shared anecdotes and memories they had of Terrazas.

Sheriff Raymond Loera recalled being the Chief of Police for the City of El Centro and Terrazas serving on the El Centro City Council and receiving full support from Terrazas.

“Jack was a great supporter for myself and the police department and has continued to do that with the Sheriff’s office,” said Loera. “It has been a pleasure working with Jack. He’s really a pretty quiet laid back kind of guy. I think that’s what makes him effective. My career has been intertwined with Jack and we have a true friendship that goes beyond that.”

“I have known Jack for almost forty years and we’ve been good friends,” said fellow Imperial County supervisor, Ray Castillo. “Not only are we friends but we have worked and accomplished many projects together, however a lot of those are due to Jack’s efforts.”

Luis Plancarte who will be replacing Terrazas said Terrazas shoes were going to be very hard to fill and acknowledged owing his political career to Terrazas.

A second celebration will take place on December 20, by the members of the Imperial County Board of Supervisors.

Terrazas will be completing a second term on the Imperial County Board of Supervisors and over 25 years of public service upon his retirement at the end of this year.