Techies battle in Super Smash Brothers games



Sports - Video games

The Brawley Union High School Tech Club hosted a video game tournament at Brawley High’s old gym this past Thursday. It was open to all high school students and consisted of two separate game tournaments, one for Super Smash Brothers and one for Mario Kart, both on Wii U video game console.

There were 25 participants in the Smash Brothers tournament and six in the Mario Kart contests. Both tournaments were double elimination with each match set up as a best of three set. Winners for each tournament received a $20 gift certificate to a video game related store, such as GameStop or Microsoft Points, and all proceeds from the snack bar and entrance fees went straight to helping the Technology Club meet their goals, such as eventually purchasing a 3D printer.

In an exciting finish in the tournament finals for Smash Brothers the two standing competitors went down to the wire in the final game. According to the gamers enthusiasm, the Technology Club has another home run in the tournament ball game, albeit in a smaller venue.

“We didn’t advertise in school at all. We wanted it to be small and manageable to make sure we can do a big one again,” said Technologies Club staff advisor Jimmy Gilder.

“We look forward to having more of these in the future. It’s a great way for like-minded students to meet and have fun, plus it helps fund future projects and meetings for us.”