Teachers to learn new frameworks for history and social science

Curriculum Coordinator Tracey Canales delivers History – Social Sciences presentation at Imperial County Office of Education Framework Seminar.

EL CENTRO – In a constant search to improve not only the content teachers use, but the style framework, or the “how” of teaching, the Imperial County Office of Education hosted, June 22, an Administrators Session/ Introduction to the History – Social Sciences Framework that administrators will repurpose in local schools this upcoming year.

During the presentation Curriculum Coordinator Tracey Canales discussed the implementation of a proposed method that compartmentalizes Content, Literacy, Inquiry, and Citizenship (CLICK) to the already existing lesson plans that instructors currently utilize.

“We’re not asking teachers to change what they teach, we’re asking them to change how they teach it,” informed Canales.  “Passive teaching is what we want to reframe, we want teachers to repurpose the lessons that that they already have in place,” she continued.

Instructors from all over the county attended and participated in workshop-type exercises to share previous class room scenarios and suggest constructive ways of incorporating the CLICK system.   

The importance of communicating the validity of context and how it connects to the interpretation of what student readers are connecting with was emphasized.

“If we’re asking them to teach learning experiences and sequences where students are steeped in investigation, reading evidence, explaining interpretations, and teaching argument writing, now I have to provide that training and curricular resource that’s going to work for that teacher,” elaborated Canales.

Another strategy suggested was for instructors to visit each other’s class rooms to see where a colleague may be excelling and where a colleague could still use guidance in the new methods.

In an hand-out written by Executive Director Nancy McTygue, discipline, specific content, expanded content, student literacy, and citizenship are the practical, engaging, and innovative strategies that should be targeted and implemented into their teachers’ class rooms.

“I need the feedback so I can go back and see what their realty is now and give them the tools that are going to get them to the next level,” shared Canales.  “That’s what this is for, it’s to help us do our jobs and for teachers to look and learn from one another. Often times, the expertise is right next door,” she concluded.

Three additional H-SS framework study groups will be conducted that will further explore content standards and California ELD/ ELA requirements at the Imperial County Office of Education.  The Elementary School Study Group will take place October 17, November 7, December 5, and January 16.  Middle School Study Group will be held on October 19, November 8, December 7, and January 23.  High School Study Group will be on October 20, November 1, December 12, and January 24.