Take Action: Students Can Be a Voice for Truth During Day of Dialogue


Day of Dialogue

Thousands of students will have the opportunity in a couple of weeks to share their deeply held beliefs in the public school setting during an annual event sponsored by Focus on the Family.

Day of Dialogue is a nationwide, free speech event. It gives public school students in high school and college, ages 13 and older, the freedom to express a faith-based perspective in a grace-filled manner when controversial, sexual topics are already being promoted in their schools. This year’s event will take place April 18. Registration is open for students who want the freedom to share a biblical viewpoint in viewpoint in loving, respectful manner.

“Students are now realizing that being quiet about a serious issue is not going to solve it at all,” said Charlie, a 17-year-old from Ohio, and one of an estimated 5,000 students who participated last year. “The Day of Dialogue has made it clear that we can show love and kindness toward people who are confused and hurting without being silent about it.”

Students can also get involved by entering the contest to win Day of Dialogue wristbands to share with their friends or student group. The brightly colored wristbands feature the words “Let’s Talk!” and “DayofDialogue.com.”

“The wristbands are a great way to keep the conversation going at your school!” said Candi Cushman, Focus’ education analyst and Day of Dialogue facilitator.

Students can enter the contest no later than Friday, April 12 by: 1) Submitting a written statement — no more than 3 sentences — explaining how their group will use the wristbands to share Day of Dialogue’s message and God’s redemptive truth with classmates, and 2) getting at least 5 student participants from the same high school or college (including themself) registered for the Day of Dialogue event. Learn more details about how to enter the contest here.

Students will also exercise their free speech rights by handing out Day of Dialogue “Conversation Cards” before and after class. These cards carry redemptive, encouraging messages. Students also wear Day of Dialogue T-shirts and display posters during the event.

Charlie explained that through student-led events like Day of Dialogue, “the fundamental Christian principles of love and compassion promoted by Jesus Christ are making a comeback in public schools.”

Take Action: Let students know that they can register today for the April 18 event.

Students can also enter the contest to win Day of Dialogue wristbands