Sweet 60…. Been there, done that!


My brother-in-law once said, “I am in the twilight of my senility!” It is good to joke about the aging process. Humor is one of the cornerstones to health. At this writing, I am “60 years young.” Make no mistake, my body doesn’t feel young, and every time I see myself in a picture or video, I ask the question, “Who’s the old dude?” But I do feel young, and although feelings are often not facts, they do provide us with information. I choose to see my positive, emotional experiences as “good news.”

So what does one say or write as they enter the fourth quarter… the last round-up, or

final curtain call? Well, I choose to look forward to my future. I try to look toward tomorrow with excitement, rather than trepidation. Of course, I am not like Joe Namath, Hall of Fame quarterback who said, “I can’t wait until tomorrow, because I get better looking every day!”  When someone use to say, “How is it going?”  I use to quote my father and say, ‘Life goes on, and the rut gets deeper!’” It was a joke, and for some it is true. In the last year, I got two new jobs, and became a manager for a Christian band. Change is good, and although the rut of life may feel safe, it isn’t nearly as much fun as blazing a new trail.


I like to be excited. Now, change is stressful, and it is scary…. But if you want to live life abundantly, it takes a willingness to be a little wild. (Please don’t run off with your younger secretary, just because of my written words! That is just plain dumb.”) Your change doesn’t have to be earth shaking, but it can be little things such as eating at a different place, or visiting a new destination. There is nothing wrong with habit, but it is good to do things “for the heck of it,” or on a whim. I am not talking about a midlife crisis, where we self-destruct, but within the parameters of safe living, it is perfectly fine to be a little reckless and live life a little fuller.

Do you have a bucket list? I do, and so should you. I will go to Hawaii someday. This last year, I could barely afford to go to Machu Pichu, Peru, but we managed. It was excellent to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World with my wonderful daughter, and granddaughter. Having a bucket list gives you something to look forward to, and a goal to work towards making it happen. Part of the joy begins with planning the journey. It is also good, to not do so much planning, but “just get ‘er done!” (As one comedian would state.)

I love eating, and my cholesterol is a little high, but it is being managed by meds. One of my lifetime favorites has been eating. I don’t drink or abuse substances anymore, but I do feed the face.  I plan to eat my way across the Southern United States, and indulge in fried food and other fine cuisine.  It is also a part of our country that I have spent no time in. I will add more to my bucket list.  It’s fun to fantasize, and more amusing to actually arrive at the destination.

In September I said hello to sixty, and I have gotten  there by having good genes, God’s grace, exercise, thinking positively, serving others, following the doctor’s orders, and not smoking cigarettes anymore. When I turn seventy, God willing, I hope I can say “Been there, and I can still remember that!”