Suspect Attempts To Bite Off Officer’s Finger




WESTMORLAND – On September 3, around 7:00 p.m. an officer from the Westmorland Police Department responded to a report of a family fight in the 200 block of North Center Street.

Upon arrival the Officer was confronted by the suspect later identified as JESUS MENDOZA. Upon contact MENDOZA was displaying an aggressive demeanor and would not keep his distance from the officer after given commands to do so. MENDOZA then attacks the Officer with a brick and strikes him over the head with it. During the struggle MENDOZA manages to get a hold of the Officer’s finger and was attempting to bite it off. The investigation revealed that MENDOZA as attempting to take the officer’s duty weapon during the struggle.

After approximately a seven minute struggle the Officer was able to subdue MENDOZA and place handcuffs on him. Both MENDOZA and the Officer were transported to local hospitals and were treated for their injuries.

MENDOZA was booked into the county jail for attempted murder on a police officer, attempting mayhem and various other criminal offenses.