Supes Give Mobile Vendors A Break In Business License Fees


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EL CENTRO – Mobile venders with multiple trucks under the same ownership will no longer have to buy separate business licenses for each vehicle since the County amended Tuesday the current ordinance allowing one license per owner instead of per truck.

“After receiving several calls from mobile-operated vendors inquiring about the separate fees for each vehicle, I am glad we are finally coming up with a resolution,” said Raymond “Ray” Castillo, D-5.

The guidelines generally exempt city businesses,  any agricultural business, and any business conducting multiple businesses from the same location is not required to obtain multiple licenses so long as the business is owned by the same person or entity.

Now the required business license must identify each vehicle and/or trailer conducting  business in the unincorporated area of the county.

“The reason business owners must list each vehicle is so the appropriate agency can identify and inspect them. It will also insure that all county departments will receive the appropriate information,” said Ralph Cordova, CEO.

The ordinance is effective immediately and fees will remain the same; business license $250, registration fee $25, and fire department inspection $72 per vehicle.