Superintendent Ron Garcia Retires from BESD


imageBRAWLEY- Five years of tireless work for the Brawley Elementary School District comes to an end this week for Superintendent Ronald Garcia.  Garcia will finish his service on Thursday June 30 and retire.

“I wish this board all the success and all the luck,” said Garcia, “I just wish them the best.”

Former BESD board members Janet Sandoval and Yvonne Burns praised all of the hard work Garcia put into the district during his tenure as superintendent, Sandoval going so far as to call him a “workaholic” when it came to making sure great things happened at BESD schools.

“He’s a man who never quite until he got the job done and an administrator who accomplished, on behalf of the board, so many admirable things at Brawley Elementary School District,” said Sandoval.

Under Garcia,  many programs been accomplished at BESD during his five year tenure as superintendent.  Barbara Worth Junior High now has a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathmatics (STEM) lab, the first in the valley.  STEM was also implemented in the ASES extended learning program and inside classrooms.  Technology was advanced at BESD schools which allowed classes to be modernized.

The Barbara Worth gym was built due to the drive of Garcia and the PE teachers.  Since completion, the gym has been used by both the school and community.

But some individuals are not pleased with the situation.  Garcia will be paid a lump sum of $105,000 for his retirement.

“If there is no money, where is this money coming from?” asked second grade teacher Esmeralda Nava to the board, citing the concerns of board member Gloria Santillan at last Friday’s special board meeting, “I tell my kids when you want something, you have to work for it.  Nothing is free.”

However board members Armando Padilla and Santillan stated that the money is what Garcia was already entitled to be paid through December 2016.  Instead of being paid over the course of six months Garcia will simply be paid all at once for his retirement.

After discussions in closed session the board came out into open session to vote three to two in favor of  giving Garcia the lump sum.

The board voted assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, Luis Panduro, as interim superintendent for the month of July while BESD searches for a new superintendent.


  1. I went into the Teachers Facebook page as GonzalesC suggested and I was appalled. Board Members openly not supporting the vote of the board — as their position mandates — by saying “Esther and I voted no,” and one board member exposing the fact that she was not even familiar with one of the contracts on the agenda. Don’t the board members get an agenda and supporting documentation in advance? I also saw the Teachers Union attacking Mr. Garcia (the district) for last year’s (1915) salary issue again saying the District had made a mistake. As my “Done The Research” might indicate, I know law and I picked up one of the packets of information provided at the June 2015 board meeting at the CLC stating the District made no salary mistake. In reviewing this with my colleagues, we all agreed that NO MISTAKE WAS MADE BY THE DISTRICT and NO MONEY WAS OWED to the teachers. The teachers got this same packet and their continued efforts to mislead the public in this issue makes me question the mentality of those teaching our children. I would encourage all to not listen to the rubbish being spouted but to get the facts, and a copy of the proof even, that exonerates the Districts. My advice in hind sight would have been for the District to have let this issue go to arbitration where hands-down, the union would have lost. Maybe then they would have gotten on with the business of educating our children instead of rehashing a mute issue.

  2. Is there a character limit with these comments? I’ve tried leaving my comment but it’s not posted.

  3. In response to the comment below, I hope you are talking about the board members, BM, that were elected in November 2015, because I would agree they shouldn’t be on the books when nothing successful has been accomplished since they’ve been there. They’ve helped dropped the reserve to an all time low because they gave raises to the teachers that were “not long due”, they got raises last year, but it’s probably because the BM have ties with union leaders. Just go to the BETA Facebook page. These BMs have also used district funds to pay for a bogus hiring company that led to the unsuccessful hire of a new superintendent. And that’s just naming a few. I just hope the public will see that there needs to be more involvement on their part by making sure they stay informed about what is happening with the school board and district by going to meetings, and not just by reading newspapers. I would like to see more successful things happen for the students, like they did with the previous BMs, such as the STEM implementation at the schools, the building of the new gym, and hopefully soon, the new middle school plan that was put into place to ease the growing class sizes will be reality.

  4. Glad he’s gone. Now we can really see who’s running this district down to the ground. The board always giving into the union. Makes you think.

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