Super Sunday


CHRIS super bowl 13In the end, the big game turned out to be a pretty good time – huh? Like most people watching Sunday’s Super Bowl, I was getting kind of worried that the whole thing was going to turn into a blowout, and that I would turn the channel before the game ended. Costing me both a few, final precious minutes of football, and also the chance to watch a few more quality commercials.

Fortunately that wasn’t the case. After falling behind 28-6, the San Francisco 49ers chris brothersstormed back to almost tie the game in the fourth quarter, before taking four legitimate shots at winning the whole thing (or at the very least taking the lead) with barely a minute left on the game clock. Ultimately, the wrong Harbaugh won, as far as I’m concerned. But that does not mean I did not enjoy watching the game, which I would have to say is one of the best Super Bowls I have seen in a while. That said, I came away from the game with a few observations which I thought I might share with you.

I was not sure what to make of the whole blackout that happened early in the third quarter. chris hahah funnyAfter Baltimore went up 28-6, and then the lights went out, I kind of half expected someone to cut to footage of Niner coach Jim Harbaugh pulling a plug out of a socket. Whatever might have been the cause of the power outage, it certainly seemed to benefit  San Francisco. It seemed like they used the break to get their head’s right, and were able to make the game a close one in the second half.

Always a fun part of the Super Bowl, I thought there were some good commercials this year, but my favorite, hands down, was the Dodge Ram commercial featuring Paul Harvey talking about farmers. Loved it so much, I briefly considered buying a farm. Then I realized writing was a lot easier, and got back to my keyboard.

Not sure why San Francisco didn’t try at least one more run on their final possession of the game. With a second down, and goal chris god bless farmersfrom the five-yard line, I would have let Colin Kaepernick run the ball at least one time, instead of throwing three straight passes to Michael Crabtree. My guess is, if they would’ve given Kaepernick one shot at a read option play, they would have scored a touchdown. Of course, I’m not a coach in the NFL. Jim Harbaugh is – and there’s a reason for that.

Two of the NFL’s best of all time squared off on opposite sides of the ball, in case you failed to notice. Of course I am speaking of Baltimore’s Ray Lewis, and San Francisco’s Randy Moss. Neither of them had much of an impact on the game. Moss grabbed two balls for 40-something yards. Lewis supposedly had seven total tackles, but I hardly saw him make a play. I’m sure Lewis is happy to go out a champion. Not sure what will happen to Moss, who will probably return to play somewhere in 2013.

Chris darkUltimately, it was a nice wrap to a pretty good NFL season. Lots of young quarterbacks seemed to hold a coming-out party this year, and it bodes well for the future of the league. Will be interesting to see where things go next year, and what team will step up and take the Ravens’ current spot at the top of the heap. Until then, we can always remember New Orleans, and those 30-odd minutes of darkness this year’s Super Bowl gave us.