Super Bowl Madness


You’ve got to love the week of the Super Bowl.


sbmadnessThere are so many things going on in the world of football and so many ridiculous questions being asked of the men who are preparing to play the biggest game of the year. Heck, this doesn’t even factor in the main event on Sunday night, which is certainly the perfect culmination of all the hard-earned victories plus the ridiculousness that led up to it.


Of course, when I’m talking ridiculousness I’m talking about the Super Bowl media day, which, typically, is just about as ridiculous as it gets.


I read that over 6,000 people had media credentials to this year’s event and, as you can imagine, this led to all kinds of questions, both good and bad.


We’ll go ahead and skip the good ones and focus on a couple of my favorite bad ones.



The absolute worst question had to be asked of Denver Bronco Shaun Phillips who was seriously asked if he considered the Super Bowl a must-win game.


Honestly, even now when I think of this question I sort of chuckle. After all, if the Super Bowl is not a must-win game, then what is?


My other favorite awful question was posed to Seattle Seahawk Michael Bennett and was a query about who had the worst flatulence in the Seattle locker room. I mean really folks, where do these people come from?


sports paparaziI understand the NFL wanting to accommodate as many legitimate members of the media as it can, but it seems to me they are giving credentials to just about anyone at this point and I see no point in that.


A lot of these so-called reporters are simply there to push either themselves or their brand, which brings about too much stuff like this.


It’s not just the current players who apparently go crazy during Super Bowl week; the former players get a little mad as well.


Michael Strahan and Warren Sapp have experienced friendlier times. (Johnny Nunez/Getty Images).
Michael Strahan and Warren Sapp have experienced friendlier times. (Johnny Nunez/Getty Images).

Hall of Famer and broadcaster Warren Sapp has taken it upon himself to tell the world that fellow broadcaster and friend of Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan has no business joining him in the Hall of Fame.


For his part, Strahan responded by saying “the tiger does not pay attention to the sheep.”


I’m not sure what this means as Sapp was not a quarterback so the analogy doesn’t work, but you know he was not happy to be called out by Sapp and rightfully so.


These two weren’t the only former All-Pro’s behaving badly, Deion Sanders was also getting riled up. Sanders’ target was a public relations man for the Seahawks who suggested that Sanders did not tackle when he played.


While this is hardly a new theory (it never seemed to me that Deion liked hitting people) it was enough to make Prime Time angry in no time.


After telling the world that he had an hour-long hit reel, he offered to make the Seahawks’ PR guy the last “minute on that hit reel.”


Yes, Sanders threatened a guy who works in public relations. Apparently the Super Bowl is the full moon and, well, I think you know the rest.


When you get past all the craziness, there is a reason everyone is so pumped up about the NFL this week, because at the end of the madness there is the game. The first-ever outdoor Super Bowl in a cold weather city doesn’t appear likely to be affected by the weather.


football blizzardThe forecast is calling for 40 degrees with no precipitation. I think that’s too bad. It would have been great if it had been played in a blizzard. However, I believe the calm weather should set the stage for a Broncos’ victory.


I think both teams are great, but I think the clear air will be just what Peyton Manning needs to get his second ring.


However, no matter who wins, I’m guessing this craziness will continue after the big game. It’s just at that point it seems like it might be a little more warranted.