Summertime reminder from the El Centro Police Department


child in carEL CENTRO – With increased heat in the summer months, the El Centro Police Department would like to take the opportunity to remind members of our community about heat related dangers. “Leaving a child of any age in a vehicle and unattended is dangerous and sometimes fatal,” said Commander Robert Sawyer. On average, a child dies every ten days from a heat related injury.

“The El Centro Police Department would like this notice to serve as a reminder to all parents, guardians, caregivers, and baby-sitters to be educated on the severe dangers of leaving children unattended in vehicles,” Sawyer said. In 2014, 17 children died throughout the United States due to automobile heat-related deaths. While this is down from the 44 nationally reported heat-related deaths in 2013, this is still an unacceptable amount.

Please help avoid this type of tragedy from reoccurring by doing your part. If you see a child left unsupervised in a motor vehicle at any time please contact law enforcement. “You can help save a life and make a difference,” Sawyer said.

Motorist are also reminded to keep their vehicles locked to avoid children playing in the cars during the summer months and to prevent theft. Make a habit of checking your vehicle’s seats, front and back, before locking the vehicle and walking away.