Successful Water Conservation Efforts by the City of El Centro

El Centro Water Conservation 2015
For the first time since the California Water Drought began, the City of El Centro in the month of July 2015 met the State Mandated Reduction of 24%.  The actual water consumption reduction amount was 24.7%, which is calculated based on a monthly comparison of water consumption by the City in 2013.  The Graph shows the past performance of the City of El Centro for 2015.

EL CENTRO – On April 1st, 2015 California Governor Gerald Brown issued a mandatory, statewide 25% water reduction order. The order stems from the severe drought that the state of California has been experiencing and is expected to continue to experience. To comply with the Governors order each city within the state must submit documentation demonstrating the water conservation effort and the amount of water that has been saved. The goal for the City of El Centro was to reduce water usage by 24 percent.

On Monday August 31st, 2015, the City of El Centro was notified by the state of California that the City’s water conservation efforts are indeed effective and for the months of June and July, the City of El Centro has met or exceeded the mandated 24% reduction in water usage set by the state.


“This accomplishment is only possible by the efforts and sacrifices of our entire city to cut back on water usage and contribute to the resolution of a State water crisis.” stated El Centro Mayor Efrain Silva.


The City of El Centro has reached out into the community and has notified its residents on water conservation strategies along with the new watering schedules for businesses and residents alike. Many of the city’s businesses and residents have gone a step further to change their landscaping to more drought tolerant species of plants and tree’s and many are replacing natural grass with artificial turf.


“Receiving the news from the state of California that the City of El Centro has met or exceeded 24% of water usage says a lot our community and the people that live here. It hasn’t been easy, especially during the summer months, but working together we are getting our part of the job done!” states City Manager Ruben Duran.

“El Centro residents have really stepped up to the conservation need and although we reached our goal for a single month (July 2015), it can be seen from the graph provided, that the Citizens of El Centro need to keep up the effort to maintain this goal month after month, until the Governor determines that the Drought is over” states Terry Hagen, El Centro Public Works Director.

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