Student Speakers win in Westmorland

speech winners
Lion’s Speech Winner Roxana Olivas, and runner up, Tony McCoy


WESTMORLAND – The Westmorland Lions Club hosted their annual Student Speakers’ contest Tuesday.  The contest started in 1958 and is the oldest continuous speaker’s contest in the Valley, since other Lions’ Clubs in the Valley have stopped hosting the event.


The contest is open to high school students who live in Westmorland.  This year’s topic was “Community Service; What does it mean? Why does it matter?


The speakers prepared their speeches on their own time, practiced when they could and then came to speak to a panel of 4 judges.


They had to speak for at least for 5 minutes and no more than 10.  They were allowed notes and were encouraged to use quotes from other famous people when supporting their ideas.


Roxana Olivas, a junior at BUHS was Tuesday’s winner.


Runner up, Tony McCoy, spoke about how doing community service makes one feel good about themselves.


Roxana will be back on March 11th for the second round of competition.


Frank Felix, BUHS counselor, brought the young people over for the contest.  He said the students are motivated to do this on their own.  There isn’t a public speaking class offered at the school.


The Westmorland Lions’ club thanked the judges Eusebio Arballo, Tiberio Esparza, and Phil and Judy Grant for their community service.  The timers for the event were Andrew Espino and Natalie Martin.


The sign, “Ordinary people – amazing things” is visible in the Lion’s meeting room.  Thank you Westmorland Lion’s for continuing to do amazing things for the youth of your community.  Thanks, too, to Mr. Feliz for finding students willing to take the time to compete.