Street-corner Preaching Safer Now in SD County



SAN DIEGO – A San Diego-area street preacher and his attorneys have taught prosecutors a lesson about the Constitution.

In November, Brother Adelmo was proclaiming the Word of God on a public sidewalk at a busy intersection in Santee in San Diego County and reading scripture about sin – which included the sin of homosexual conduct. Pacific Justice Institute President Brad Dacus tells OneNewsNow the situation turned ugly.

“Someone complained [and] called the police – and instead of protecting his free-speech rights, they handcuffed him and began to prosecute him as a criminal,” the attorney explains.

PJI represented the preacher as he faced charges of disturbing the peace and inciting an imminent threat of violence.

Dacus, Brad (PJI)”Over and over again we informed the district attorney that they were violating [Brother Adelmo’s] First Amendment rights,” Dacus continues. “[But] they were dogmatic about prosecuting him and making an example of him [and] of those who preach anything that is in any way unfavorable about homosexual conduct.”

But the day before trial, says the PJI founder, the district attorney saw the light and decided not to prosecute after all. That decision, however, came after the street preacher being arrested, jailed, bonded out, and obtaining legal help.

Dacus argues that the case showcases hostility toward religion and preaching the gospel – and adds that his organization will represent individuals such as Brother Adelmo free-of-charge if their constitutional rights are violated.