Storm Chaser Team Gets Caught on I-40 Where AR Tornado Destroyed Cars and Businesses, Sends Drone to Film Scene From Air (VIDEO)



By Eric Odom


Sunday night three twisters ripped through Arkansas as a deadly line of storms raced across the state. The largest of the twisters plowed through the town of Mayflower before crossing Interstate 40 and heading northeast.


The monster tornado was reported to be as mush as three blocks wide at the base and surrounded by a huge thunderstorms. This made it difficult for unsuspecting drivers to realize they were heading directly into a nasty scenario. And by the time they realized it… it was too late to change direction.


The twister tore across the highway, bending steal flat-bed trailers, throwing cars around like toys, destroying concrete highway dividers and basically causing chaos as it moved on. I-40 was closed for quite some time as emergency crews jumped into search and rescue mode.


While sitting in traffic, a storm chaser team was able to get a drone in the air to get a good view of the path of destruction the tornado left behind. The following video is the footage taken from the drone.