Stills named IID’s new interim Energy Manager

Carl Stills, IID Interim Energy Manager

EL CENTRO- On February 1, interim deputy energy manager Carl D. Stills will become interim energy manager of Imperial Irrigation District’s Energy Department.

Since July of last year, the Energy Department has been jointly managed by Mr. Stills and Mario Escalera. Both men are longtime IID employees who care a great deal about the future of the district and each has performed admirably in his respective role.

Mr. Escalera will assume his former responsibilities as manager of operations and energy infrastructure.

“This change in duties is consistent with what I see as the department’s overall change in direction and more closely aligns with the policy aims of the board and strategic goals of the organization,” stated general manager Kevin Kelley. “I want to commend Messrs. Stills and Escalera for their diligent stewardship of the department these last several months and I have every confidence that both will continue to demonstrate the same leadership and loyalty to the district in their new roles.”
Carl Stills said, “The energy department faces extraordinary external pressures to remain competitive and service the changing needs of the region. Much of the energy infrastructure was built in the 1950s and is in need of capital improvements to sustain reliability. With the high cost of the renewable energy requirement for 33% of IID’s production being green by 2020 coupled with the high amount of unemployment in our region, our challenge will be to keep the lid on our rates and still provide the service that is warranted by our customers. To accomplish this, the energy department must be at its very best, and I am sure our employees are up to this task. In the past, The energy department’s main goal was to provide reliable, cost-effective energy to our customers and we did that while keeping our rates at or near the lowest in California. Today, we must add the goal for supporting renewable and economic development attempting to create jobs and wealth for our communities. My job will be to work with our general manager and our Board of Directors to provide a plan to accomplish this and then to lead the energy department’s implementation of the direction given. In doing so, I want to return the energy department to the customer oriented company that has served this community well for the last hundred plus years.”


  1. lots of boo hoo and hoo boo going on. lets see how things shake out. there may be more in the works than the “experts” know

  2. Just as homegirl keeps repeating her drivel, I’ll keep repeating mine….Elections have consequences…you people knew what the new board members were about, yet you elected them anyway….boo farkin hoo…you wanted it, you got it.

    • Us drivellers must stick together Charlie cuz we know everything but nobody ever listens to us. Got my bib and my Depends set out for the next Board meeting.

  3. You are right, Geezer. But just until a few weeks ago, M&M had complete control on deals and wheeling. The 3-2 (with Sanchez) and then the deadlocked 2-2 meant only what JP wanted got passed.

    Rumors swirl that someone’s farm got BIG BUCKS poured into it for improvements. Bigger bucks than what is normal pay for an elected official.

  4. Not so fast Homegirl. I think stills is measured in his thinking and responses. I wouldn’t misinterpret that for slowness. There’s a brain in there, and something that doesn’t always come with brains, -wisdom. Let’s watch and see. This might be good.

    • Sorry Tom- this is just another example of an ineffective crony HR placement process of a lackey to implement the 10% vocal minority AG/water/large landowner interests. Very similar to Kevin Kelley’s interim appointment process and it will have the same result. This is one the biggest fixes that needs to happen in the HR department in order to tranform the IID business culture from one of ineffective and incompetent crony appointments to one of effective merit based hiring and performance based/measured reward. We are never going to deliver competent or cost effective water and electric services to our region or to ALL the IID ratepayers by continuing this crony placement process. Hundreds of millions of dollars continue to be lost, stolen and wasted because IID continues to not be led, managed or run like a professional business eneterprise.

  5. Oh boy- a likeable and popular gentleman within the organization but slow, lacks multi tasking capability, skills, expertise, education and experience. Listen to the substance of public statements. Let’s hope this is indeed just an interim assignment due to lack of productivity in the silly Interim Co Deputy Energy Managers assignment fiasco. Ready, fire, aim.

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