State Water Board addresses city council on One World Beef




BRAWLEY — The Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) is still waiting for requested information from One World Beef (OWB) concerning their request for a wastewater discharge permit.

Jose Angel, Executive Officer with the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, addressed the city council at their meeting of Monday, October 3.

“I just want to give an update on the status of the application that my board has pending for the slaughterhouse,” said Angel. “This application is for our board to issue a revised permit so the slaughterhouse can discharge its wastewater to a 40 acre parcel.”

“Originally, the slaughterhouse was going to continue to discharge to the city with their current wastewater system,” said Angel. “Since then, the project has evolved to the extent that it has been redefined and changed. Even though we found a way to move forward with the project, it has been difficult to permit. OWB has also needed to get a permit from the city of Brawley. We didn’t have a definition of the new project and neither did the city. It was difficult for all of us. The latest proposal received is that they are abandoning the original concept for discharge. This project has been difficult to accommodate. There is still information that we need.”

“OWB proposes to discharge to the onsite ponds on an interim basis and we have provided direction to them not to discharge anywhere else, unless the city grants a permit, until we comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA),” continued Angel. “The RWQCB is the lead CEQA agency. We also informed OWB not to start shoveling any dirt for construction purposes. The city has the opportunity to comment on the CEQA document as a responsible agency. We are working very closely with city staff. In my opinion, the city has been more than diligent. This has been a very difficult project.”

“Our next step is to circulate the draft of the CEQA document for public review and comment,” said Angel. “We expect to do this within ten working days.”

“Ultimately, we just want to see the plant opened, be operational, provide employment, and function in a responsible manner,” said councilman George Nava.

“We don’t want jobs at the expense of the environment,” said Angel. “We don’t want jobs at the expense of the city, either. We are behind the city in protecting their interests. I want to orchestrate a meeting with OWB, the city, our board, and other involved parties to put everything on the table. There is still missing information.”

“We are working closely with the RWQCB to get this project going,” said councilwoman Helen Noriega. “We don’t want to pay those penalties again, which are public funds.”

“The city is doing what it is supposed to do,” said Angel.




  1. You’re on the Council, go advocate, network and due your duty as a Councilwoman…Prayer isn’t going to help at this point, work is!

  2. Thank you Lloyd for this article on One World Beef, I pray that it works out for them because our citizens are looking forward in providing food for their families. They need this company to open their doors. I pray for the owners to continue doing the right thing and move forward on this project.
    Helen Noriega

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