State Route 78/111 Brawley Bypass Opens to Traffic

The Brawley Bypass is expected to reduce commercial truck congestion on Brawley’s streets

BRAWLEY,  CA – The Brawley Bypass Project in Imperial County is expected to open  to  motorists  on  Tuesday.  The new bypass will relieve area traffic congestion  and  improve the flow of  international goods between California and  Mexico  by  providing  an  alternate  route  for commercial trucks and motorists around Brawley.

“This  project  not  only  reduces commercial truck congestion on Brawley’s streets,  it  also completes a critical link in the transportation corridor that  moves goods to Los Angeles and the rest of the nation,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty.


Almost  37  million  vehicle  trips  are made annually between the Imperial Valley  and  Mexico.  About 2,500 to 3,000 trucks a day are expected to use the new bypass in 2013.


The  project  constructed  eight  miles  of  a four-lane divided expressway around the city of Brawley from State Route 86 north of Brawley to south of the  eastern  junction  of  State  Route  78  (SR-78)  and  State Route 111 (SR-111).  New  bridges  were also added at the New River and Union Pacific Railroad  crossings  along with an interchange at the junction of SR-78 and SR-111 and accommodations for future expansion of the Brawley Airport.


The  $236 million project received $133 million from Proposition 1B, a 2006 voter-approved transportation bond.