State of Arkansas hears argument on “Human Heartbeat Protection Act”

Image of a baby in utero through a 4-D ultra sound
Image of a baby in utero through a 4-D ultra sound

Little Rock, AR – Today the State of Arkansas defended the Human Heartbeat Protection Act against an ACLU motion for a preliminary injunction. Liberty Counsel is seeking to intervene on behalf of a crisis pregnancy center and also filed an amicus brief on behalf of the law.


The law is designed to protect women from the harmful effects of abortion. The older the unborn child, the greater the risks to the mother to abort. “The undeniable fact is that the child in the womb is not a potential life, but she is fully alive,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “The State of Arkansas has a compelling interest both in protecting the life of that pre-born child and in protecting the life and health of the mother from the devastating effects of abortion. Pre-born children have the right to life, and women have the right to be informed. This law protects both the pre-born and their mothers,” Staver said.


In the brief, Liberty Counsel introduced evidence of dozens of women who were not given this information and now deeply regret their abortions. These affidavits were collected by the Justice Foundation, which is serving as co-counsel with Liberty Counsel in the intervention action. Many of these women testified that they had been misled and even coerced into having an abortion. These women have suffered severe depression, deep feelings of guilt, anxiety, emotional and physical consequences, suicidal thoughts and attempts as a result of their abortions. After having an abortion, they have had flashbacks, nightmares, trouble with their relationships with men, routinely engage in substance abuse, and sometimes find themselves becoming overprotective or even abusing their subsequent children. “It is clear: abortion destroys not only the lives of children in the womb but also the lives of the mothers and those closest to them,” Staver said.


“Statistics show that between 85-95% of women who attribute humanness to the child and are informed of truth about the child’s development decide against having an abortion,” Staver continued. “The informed consent provisions and fetal heartbeat disclosure requirements are nothing more than requirements to provide truthful, accurate, and nonmisleading information to a woman seeking an abortion, so that she is fully informed about the nature of her decision,” Staver concluded.