Four bills by Asm. V. Manuel Pérez approved in Senate committees


(SACRAMENTO) – The office of Majority Floor Leader V. Manuel Pérez reports that four of his bills were approved earlier today in Senate policy committees:

California Red-legged Frog
California Red-legged Frog

AB 2364 State Amphibian Declaration: The bill designates the California red-legged frog the state amphibian, adding it to the list of official state symbols such as the grizzly bear (state mammal), sequoia (state tree), and California golden poppy (state flower).

Late last year, Pérez was contacted by Sea View Elementary students in Salton City, asking him to author a bill declaring the threatened California red-legged frog as the official state amphibian. Impressed by their work and enthusiasm, he introduced the measure in March.

“This bill highlights the significance of a species for our state’s history and ecology by making it a state symbol,” said Pérez. “But this bill also represents for me the essence of learning in action. The students came up with this idea, did the research and have been engaging with the legislative process along the way. It’s been an inspiring experience to work with them.”

The bill passed Senate Governmental Organization Committee on a vote of 7-1. It now moves to the Senate Floor.

AB 1860 Peace Officer Training: This bill helps ensure that probation departments have the staffing they need to meet increasing caseload demands resulting from realignment.

AB 1860 specifies that county probation departments that are certified providers of a certain peace officer training course are not required to offer the training to the general public.

This would ensure that departments are able to meet the demand for training of probation deputies and other law enforcement before offering the course to the general public.

“Our law enforcement professionals work hard to keep our communities safe. We must support their ability to access the training and tools to do their jobs more effectively,” said Pérez.

The idea for this bill was brought to Pérez by Riverside County Probation Officers Association and it is sponsored by the Chief Probation Officers of California. It passed Senate Public Safety Committee with unanimous support (6-0 vote) and next moves to the Senate Floor.

AB 1896 Groundwater Protection: Sponsored by the Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD), AB 1896 helps protect local drinking water resources by expanding the use of non-potable water to irrigate landscaping in the Valley’s residential developments within the CVWD service area.

AB 1896 is written to ensure that it does not increase water charges for the associations or the homeowners. Currently CVWD is building a piping system for non-potable water to increase access to this water source in the district’s service area.

“With our state facing a historic drought, we all play a role in protecting local water supplies,” said Pérez. “Using non-drinkable water for landscape irrigation is one common sense action. AB 1896 simply says that if Coachella Valley homeowners associations are able to use non-potable water for the irrigation of their common landscaped areas without raising rates, then it should be used.”

The bill passed on consent in the Senate Natural Resources Committee. It now moves to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Salton Sea RuinsAB 148 Salton Sea Governance Technical Clean Up: This bill was introduced at the request of the Department of Water Resources and makes a number of technical changes to last year’s AB 71 (Chapter 402, Statutes of 2013) without modifying the substantive policy enacted related to Salton Sea governance.

The bill passed on consent in Senate Natural Resources Committee and next moves to the Senate Floor.