Star off-road racer Ivan Stewart ‘drops in’ for autographs at Rogers and Rogers

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Off-road race car driver Ivan Stewart speaks to fans about his experience

EL CENTRO- Rogers and Rogers Toyota proudly sponsored an autograph session and a dramatic helicopter entrance for a famous off-road race car driver Ivan “Ironman” Stewart.

Landing in a helicopter, Stewart did nothing short of arriving in style for the event. A large crowd waited outside of the car dealership to see the famous off-road race car driver land in the helicopter. Before entering the building, Stewart stood outside to shake hands with fans and take photos with local supporters.

“I am a fan. I got here an hour early just to make sure I don’t miss it! I grew up watching him win. My family goes to all the races. We follow the 250 and the 1000, I am really excited today to meet him,” said El Centro resident Albert Mendoza while he waited for the racer to arrive.

Stewart has won ten point championships, including four SCORE World championships and three Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group (MTEG) championships. He has been the only person to win overall, including motorcycles while driving a four wheel vehicle solo in the Baja 1000.

“When I started racing for Toyota in ’83, I really loved the desert racing, but for me it was all in the adventure, the open territory of it all. I couldn’t go through my life without being involved in it, it’s all an adventure,” said Stewart about his journey as a racer.

Stewart, who joined the Toyota factory team in 1983 for Cal Wells at Precision Preparation Inc., has won a total of 82 victories. He has a winning record of 17 races in the (MTEG) stadium series, a record 17 Baja 500s, three Baja 1000s, and SCORE International events.

Guests in the audience asked Stewart questions about how he got his name as “Ironman.” Stewart told fans that journalist started calling him that nickname due to the fact of him winning the Baja race while driving solo, and that it just stuck.

Rogers and Rogers will be sponsoring the free event called the ‘Big Air Shoot out’ at the IV Expo fairgrounds grandstand Thursday at 8 pm. For more information on the event or the SCORE Challenge please contact the SCORE office at (775) 852-8907.