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Kyrie Erving wants out of Cleveland. It seems like he’s stood in LeBron James’ shadow too long and wants more of the spotlight for himself. I do not doubt this is true. The story itself it fascinating. I’ve read reports that Irving believes James himself leaked his wishes to the press. James denies this. Seems like you can’t escape leakers — even in pro sports. I don’t see how this works out well for Cleveland. Without Irving, or a player of equal abilities, the Cavaliers are not going back to the finals. Of course, if they keep him, he might be unhappy and not play up to his usual standards. Like I said, it’s a no-win for LeBron and company as they try and win one more title before the King takes his crown to Los Angeles.

NFL teams broke camp this week. No one is hurt yet. Give that another week and some poor guy will probably be out with a season-ending injury. It’s always interesting to watch and see which teams can navigate the minefield that is training camp without suffering a significant injury to one of their better players. They are often the ones who have the best seasons.

The Cubs are back in first place. Just when you thought the reigning world champions were going to miss the playoffs, they streak past the slumping Brewers. I guess we all should have seen this coming. Although no one has to be happy about it.

It was not surprising at all to me that the San Francisco Giants took back Pablo Sandoval. It will be even less surprising if the Panda finds his stroke again with his old team. There are certain players who just belong in certain situations. Sandoval crumbled under the pressure of the east coast. He may very well revive his career on the much more laid-back western version.

Clayton Kershaw’s injuring his back on Sunday was certainly a pain for me as he is on both of my fantasy baseball teams. I don’t know how much it will matter to the Dodgers, though. Los Angeles is running away with the National League West and I doubt losing Kershaw for four to six weeks will change that. But it is an alarming trend for the best pitcher in baseball. This will be the second year in a row he has missed significant time due to his back. Kershaw certainly looks like a big, strong fellow who is built to pitch until he is 40, but nagging injuries can often derail those sorts of plans. Here’s hoping he makes it through 2018 without another injury problem. Both for the sake of the Dodgers and my fantasy baseball team.

Finally, we have almost reached the trade deadline and thus far the Chicago White Sox big deals I mentioned last week have been the highlights. I hear rumors the Rangers might trade Yu Darvish, which would certainly constitute a big trade, but will it happen? It should. The Rangers aren’t going anywhere. Darvish is the biggest name out there right now, but there are some others — guys who play for the New York Mets, for instance — who could be moved soon. Really, there’s no telling. Hopefully, this weekend is chock full of trades. It would certainly be a welcome development for me.


  1. I happened to think Kyrie Irving is a little foolish, but he is a great player and he deserves the right to control his basketball future, even if he can kiss his hopes for another title goodbye! I really don’t believe the Lebron camp leaked this dissatisfaction story, but people like to blame LBJ for all kinds of stuff. That is the way it is when you are the best…people resent that and will attack you or look for ways to distance themselves from you. Or, they will embrace the greatness and enjoy the ride!

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