SPORTS TALK: A lull in the action


Sadly friends, we have reached that point that comes every year. The weeks after the Super Bowl when the baseball teams aren’t even playing meaningless spring training games. Yes, we still have basketball and hockey, but they are mostly playing some of the most meaningless games of their seasons as well. You know the ones. The games that happen in the February slog, weeks, or even longer before the playoffs actually start.

It’s okay though, people. We’ve still got stuff to talk about, so let’s focus on the big picture and jump on in. It will be March Madness time before we know it!

I read an article today where Tom Brady says he wants to play into his mid-40s. NFL logic says this will not be possible. Almost every quarterback ever, fell of a performance cliff when they turned 40. Of course, NFL logic also says a sixth-round draft pick probably won’t lead his team to five Super Bowl wins. I am guessing if anyone will defy this logic it will be Brady. I don’t see how he will be that much worse next season than he was this past one. The year after that though, should be interesting. Speaking from experience, it gets a lot harder to recover from anything after you cross that 40-year-old line. I can only imagine that statement is multiplied by at least 100 when you are talking about the beating one takes playing professional football.

I was not impressed at all by the Knicks’ handling of the Charles Oakley incident last week. I was also not impressed by Oakley’s actions at that particular Knicks game, so there’s plenty of blame to go around. But to have your security throw one of your franchise’s best players to the ground in front of a packed Madison Square Garden is just about as poor a public relations move as I can possibly imagine a team making. If they needed to remove Oakley from the stadium, then it needed to be done discreetly. They did not need to strong-arm the man from his seat and they certainly did not have to announce he was forever banished from MSG for eternity. I expect the situation will resolve itself, but ultimately, the Knicks will be the ones who come out of this with egg on their face.

Pitchers and catchers for most Major League Baseball teams reported for duty recently. Of course, a lot of them have already been working out for a while, but the official start of the baseball season happened last week. We will have plenty of time for baseball talk, but I just wanted to note that the boys of summer are gearing up for what will hopefully be another great year.

Finally, did you see Kevin Durant’s return to Oklahoma City? It was kind of like must-see NBA TV. His Warriors crushed his former mates, despite Russell Westbrook’s 46-point effort. Things got a little ugly in the second half, but for the most part, Durant came in, dominated, and got out of town.

In a day and age when players come and go with great frequency, these sorts of returns are becoming more and more common and they typically make for a bit of a spectacle early on, and then everyone gets on with their lives.

I suspect that will be the case for Thunder fans. They had their chance to let Durant know what they thought of him leaving and I am guessing from here on out, he will be treated the same as any other opposing superstar. Which is not to say kindly — but certainly not with as much vitriol as Thunder fans showed him Saturday.


  1. There is a lull. When football ends, my sports grief begins. Thank God for college basketball!!! There is so much parity, that on any given weekend you can see several great games. Although I have my favorite teams, with my remote, I search for close games and upsets. And guess what??? Next week is March and we sports junkies have March Madness!!!YAHOOO!!! Signed Enjoying great weather and college hoops!

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