Sponsorships needed for 8th Annual Cesar Chavez Community Celebration


letter to the editorDear Colleagues/Friends,


As Executive Director of the Institute for Socio-Economic Justice, Inc. (a 501 © 3 nonprofit based in Brawley, CA working on behalf of working families in the Imperial Valley and region), I send this correspondence in the hope that you will seriously consider supporting our 8th Annual Cesar Chavez Community Celebration that helps bring awareness to the causes Cesar Chavez championed: Improved working conditions, education and community service.


The event will take place on Saturday April 20, 2013 at the Brawley Cattle Call Arena in Brawley, Ca starting with a Scholarship Fundraiser benefitting the Anthony Garcia (AG) Foundation towards scholarships for area youths, family entertainment throughout the day in the arena park area and a concert in the arena with recording artists; arena activities are free to the public.


In that spirit, we offer your organization the opportunity to celebrate the values of Cesar Chavez by providing the financial support to offer this event free to the public. The event serves a multitude of purposes as it is a forum also for services and access to opportunities for people as community groups use the event to promote their programs; we believe in educating our community as to the opportunities that exist to achieve more for all of us.


Cesar Chavez believed, as we do, that our ambitions and goals must be broad enough to include all segments of the community if we are to progress together.


Take from the Cesar Chavez his core values of Service to others, education and family; acceptance of all people and our responsibility to everyone in our community and respect for life, environment, knowledge and innovation and we can make a difference or as Cesar Chavez “Si Se Puede!!” yes it can be done.


  I thank you in advance on behalf of the Institute as Executive Director and a believer in the legacy of Cesar Chavez que “Si Se Puede!!!”


Eric M. Reyes

Executive Director of the Institute for Socio-Economic Justice, Inc.