Spartans set new school track record in win over Vikings

The Central Union High boys hurdlers swept all events during the April 6 track and field meet against the Holtville High School Vikings.

EL CENTRO — The Central Spartans gained a new track record in the long jump set by senior Christina Marquez during the April 6 track and field meet against the Holtville Vikings. The accomplishment matched Central’s sweep past the Vikings with winning scores of 104–89 for the boys and 89-34 in the girls’ events.

“The school record was set before I got here,” said Ron Shane, Central Union High School track and field head coach. “Christina, actually, just started long jumping this year. So to do so much in that little time really shows you how great of an athlete she is. She broke the previous record of 15-11.00 and she went for 16-00.00 today.”


100 Meters

Boys: (H) Luis Estrada 12.09, (C) Manuel Ortiz 12.15, (C) Logan Garcia 12.80

Girls: (C) Dalhia Ruiz 14.67, (H) Landry Guillen 14.90, (C) Brenda Pedroza 15.06


200 Meters

Boys: (C)Angel Espinosa 24.23, (C) Logan Garcia 25.33, (C) Aram Zavala 25.34

Girls: (C) Karen Ortiz 28.01, (C) Dahlia Ruiz 29.74, (H) Yahaira Cortez 31.02


400 Meters

Boys: (C) Steven Marquez 55.32, (C) Aram Zavala 55.40, (C) Adolfo Limon 57.78

Girls: (C) Andrea Cardenas 1:12.34, (H) Yahaira Cortez 1:12.59, (C) Melany Lopez 1:13.55


800 Meters

Boys: (C) Angel Espinosa 2:14.49, (C) Miguel Flores 2:21.69, (C) Carlos Corona 2:22.59

Girls: (C) Karen Ortiz 2:42.53, (C) Nohemi Anderson 2:49.90, (C) Analy Valle 2:53.64


1,600 Meters

Boys: (H) Gabriel Lopez 4:53, (H) Manuel Panales 5:10.04, (C) Miguel Flores 5:13.56

Girls: (C) Nohemi Anderson 6:31.46, (H) Timotea Bojorquez 6:56.54, (C) Melissa Sanchez 6:56.99


3,200 Meters

Boys: (H) Cristina Queriapa 11:01.07, (H) Fabian Rendon 11:46.71, (H) Manuel Panales 11:51.01

Girls: (C) Bryanna Ruiz 15:53.90, (C) Heidi Rabe did not start, (C) Melenie Padilla Did not start


110m Hurdles 39”

Boys: (C) Hector Rubio 18.28, (C) Carlos Rodriguez 18.76, (C) Austin Ortiz False Start


100m Hurdles 33”

Girls: (C) Lindsay White 20.52, (C) Andrea Ayala 20.77, (H) Alexa Strahm 21.23


300m Hurdles 36”

Boys: (C) Austin Ortiz 44.17, (C) Michael Sullivan 44.57, (C) Hector Rubio 46.00


300m Hurdles 30”

Girls: (H) Alexa Strahm 56.89, (C) Vanessa Lopez 58.09, (C) Lindsay White 1:01.47


4 X 100 Relay

Boys: (C)Relay Team 46.64, (C) Relay Team 49.23, (H) Cesar Acuna 49.57

Girls: (H)Yahaira Cortez 51.54, (H) Landry Guillen 51.54, (H) Alexa Strahm 51.54


4 x 400 Relay

Boys: (C) Relay Team 3:55.06, (H) Cesar Acuna 4:06.58, (H) Cruz Arellano 4:06.58

Girls: (C) Relay Team 4:53.96, (H) Yahaira Cortez 4:53.64, (H) Landry Guillen 4:53.64


Shot Put 12 lb.

Boys: (C) Angel Rico 37-11.50, (C) Manuel Chavarin 37-11.00, (C) Roberto Martinez 35-03.00


Shot Put 4kg

Girls: (C) Justice Campbell Rodriguez 26-03.00, (C) Danielle Griffth 25-08.00, (C) Samantha Herrejon


Discus 1.6kg

Boys: (C) Angel Rico108-06, (C) Jesus Muro 96-07, (C) Jose Montes 91-09


Discus 1kg

Girls: (H) Jazmine Mendoza 71-07, (H) Ariana Gonzalez 65-02, (C) Savanah Velez-Cervantes 59-00


High Jump

Boys: (C) Steven Marquez 6-00.00, (C) Michel Sullivan 5-08.00, (C) Hector Rubio 5-06.00

Girls: (C) Christina Marquez 4-10.00, (C) Analy Valle 4-06.00, (C) Nohemi Anderson 4-04.00


Long Jump

Boys: (C) Steven Marquez 17-11.00, (C) Hector Rubio16-10.00, (C) Darrell Nicholson 16-03.00

Girls: (C) Christina Marquez 16-00.00, (H) Allyson Rolfe14.10.00, (C) Dalhia Ruiz 13-04.00


Triple Jump

Boys: (C) Isiah Perez 34-02.50, (C) Daniel Quilon 32-11.50, (C) Andres Quilon 26-04.50

Girls: (H) Allyson Rolfe 32-09.00, (C) Brenda Pedroza 28-08.00, (C) Lindsay White 27-02.00


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