Southwest Enchants Audience with “Once Upon a Fairytale”


3EL CENTRO – The Southwest Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts (SAVAPA) delighted audiences with their performance of the play Once Upon a Fairytale.

The first showing was Friday, May 9, and the curtain closed Sunday, May 11.

The play, full of drama, comedy, and romance, was about a young witch named Beullah, who sought to take the throne from her popular twin sister Francine.

Francine gives birth to a girl named Rose, and now, 21 years later, it is time for her to take reign of the throne.

However, in order for her to become queen she must be married. This proves to be troublesome as Rose has quite the temper problem, and possible suitors don’t want to deal with that problem.

In order to reach their happy ever after, the cast goes through trials to help them stop witch Beullah from reaching her goals.

Student director Brandon Desloover was pleased with the outcome of the play. “Although we didn’t practice during spring break, we had about 5 weeks to bring this play to life.

I mostly tell people where to enter and exit the stage, but I became head of placing the stage props, and Friday I played one of the trolls.”

While the play may have sounded as though it was specifically for children, it was a wholesome family play for people of all ages to enjoy.