Southwest Eagles win CIF game against Calipatria

Southwest’s Rven Silva (#15) forces the ball outside the key.

EL CENTRO — The Southwest Eagles boys’ basketball team hosted the Calipatria Hornets for the first round of CIF play in a game that concluded with the Eagles defeating the Hornets, 60-42.

Kicking off the first quarter, the Eagles struck first, drawing a foul for Eric Pompa (#1) who made two free throws at the line.

The Hornets’ Julian Medina (#33) followed throught with for two points, tying up the game.

The Eagles quickly took back the lead with a pass to Grant Hansink (#24) by Pompa for a three-point field goal. Pompa followed up with a three-pointer of his own, setting a new tempo for the game. Closing out the first quarter, the Eagles held a seven-point lead over the Hornets with a score of 17-10.

In the second quarter, both teams shot back and forth bringing the score to 19-18 in the Eagles’ favor. Then Southwest’s Rven Silva (#15) broadened the gap with a three-pointer from the top of the key, making the score 22-18.

George Rubacava and his Hornet team got back on the board by making two free throws, making it a two-point game until Southwest’s Pompa came back with a layup inside the key. The Eagles closed out the first half of play with a four-point lead over the Hornets, 27-23.

Starting the third quarter, the Eagles scored two on a fast break to the basket. On the take-out, the Eagles found two more points with a stolen ball that led to a layup by the Eagles’ Tyler Saikon (#3), bringing the score to 31-23.

The Hornets got their first points on the board for the half with Perez shooting a three-pointer that made it just a five-point deficit.

In the third quarter, the Eagles put up a total of 14 points, while the Hornets scored just seven.

The Hornets’ Medina scored first in the fourth quarter with a drive into the key for a layup. Calipatria followed with two points from Perez at the free throw line, resulting in a 43-30 score.

The Eagles answered with a steal by Silva for a charge at the basket for a layup. The Eagles’ Hansink also found action with a layup, bringing the score to 51-32. The Hornets’ Perez found the basket on a three-point shot. By the end of the fourth quarter, the Eagles put up 19 points that resulted in the 60-42 outcome.

“It was a close first half, and I knew we had to come out in the second half ready to play and we were able to do that, allowing us to win the game,” said Southwest’s Head Coach Ruben Valenzuela.