Southwest Eagles Win 4-0 Against Vikings in Intense Game

Southwest's Andy Carillo (#13) looks for an opportunity to steal third base during their away game against Holtville on Thursday night.
Southwest’s Andy Carillo (#13) looks for an opportunity to steal third base during their away game against Holtville on Thursday night.

HOLTVILLE — The Southwest Eagles traveled to Holtville Thursday to battle the Vikings in an intense match lasting until the final inning when the Eagles won with a score of 4-0.

With zero points scored until the fifth inning, the first half of the game was a tough defensive battle between the two squads, most notably, with Southwest’s pitcher (#30) delivering excellent pitches throughout the game that kept Holtville from scoring.

Southwest’s Andy Carillo (#13) began the fifth inning at bat with a powerful hit into the middle outfield, giving him time to make it to second base safely. Then Junior Romero (#6) caught the Holtville defense off guard, stealing first base. While this exciting run was going on, Carillo snuck past the Holtville defense, running to home base from second, bringing the score to 1-0. The run brought plenty of energy into the Southwest offense.

The Eagles’ Gilbert Desilagua (#20) was next at-bat and slugged a powerful hit into middle outfield, giving Romero time to reach home base and upping the score to 2-0.

Holtville’s offense was unable to get past the quick reactions of the Eagles’ defense as they shut down the inning with a double-out play.

The score did not affect Holtville’s Casey Laziola (#5) as he kick-started a defensive drive at the top of the sixth inning by catching a high ball hit into the left outfield. This momentum carried Holtville’s defense as they caught all of Southwest’s hits and stopped the Eagles’ from scoring in the sixth inning.

The Vikings began their offensive drive looking to put points on the scoreboard, but Southwest matched their defensive intensity and denied any chance of the Vikings scoring after getting three consecutive outs.

Southwest carried on their scoring momentum for the rest of the game and added to their lead in the seventh inning with Carillo (#13) slugging a solid hit into the right outfield that carried him safely to first. He then stole second base after a dropped pitch from the Holtville catcher.

The Eagles’ Joseph Jazek (#2) was next at bat and stole first base after Holtville’s pitcher dropped a loose pitch. Desilagua (#20) once again brought in his teammates after delivering a hit far into the outfield that nearly cleared the home run fences, bringing Carillo and Jazek home.

With the score standing at 4-0, and Holtville seemingly out of the game, the resilient Vikings shocked their fans by creating a winning score opportunity. At the bottom of the seventh inning, Holtville loaded the bases with players ready to score.

Holtville’s powerful hitter, Jimmy Zarate (#20), then took the plate and with the possibility of one home run, the Vikings were set to tie the game. Although the play seemed perfect, Southwest’s pitcher delivered for his team and threw three consecutive strikes on Zarate, shutting down any chance the Vikings had of making a comeback.

The Southwest Eagles won Thursday’s away conference game against Holtville by a score of 4-0.

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