Southwest AP Government class gets early start on homework


Haydee Rodriguez


Haydee Rodriguez, an AP teacher at Southwest High School, already has her advanced class that will not meet for the first time until the first day of school, doing homework.


Homework entails going to 4 different local government meetings during the summer and taking notes. The choices are the IID, the Board of Supervisors, City Council, and a school board meeting.


Last Tuesday several from her 70 student class listened to the Board of Supervisors decide on mundane, yet important county business. The meeting went smoothly and during the first break, their hour of mandatory attendance was up and the students dutifully filed out.


Rodriguez has a few rules for her students, they must remain one hour, they must leave quietly, and they cannot leave if someone is speaking.


Rodriguez laughed recalling the meeting they attended of the El Centro City Council. The main topic became trash and all parties were passionate about their opinions and the discussion, according to Rodriquez, went far beyond the one hour time requirement. None of the students left.


Afterwards Rodriquez said they were amazed their was so much discussion about trash and that they were fascinated by the back and forth arguments.


“I’m trying to teach then that the elected officers are not the celebrities, they are our servant representatives. We are the celebrities, we elected them,” Rodriguez said.


This is Haydee Rodriguez’ s first year teaching AP Government, but her fourth year at Southwest High School.