Southern Denmark Gymnastics Team Visits BUHS

Photo by: Lloyd Miller

BRAWLEY – The Southern Denmark Gymnastics team visited Brawley Union High School on their journey to Los Angeles on Monday morning and put on two performances for students and staff as well as had a workshop with students that simulated one of their practices. The Southern Denmark Gymnastics Team is a team with 18 boys and 18 girls from Denmark.

They gymnasts are between the ages of 16 and 22-years-old. None of the team members are professionals. They all do gymnastics in their spare time and they are all former students from the boarding school, “Sundeved Efterskole.” They gymnasts have been through an audition to get on the team and they represent the school. The performance consists of tumbling and rhythmic choreographies and is an example of modern Danish gymnastic culture.

The team is on a tour that will go from Denmark to Los Angeles, passing through Arizona and Nevada and back to California from Oct. 8 to 23. Aside from the performances their will be workshops to show an example of Danish gymnastic practice.

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