Some Things are Better Ignored


There was a story on the news about a young Latino vocalist who sang the Star Spangled Banner at the NBA Finals basketball in San Antonio. I was a talent show coordinator for about 20 years, and I personally believe the kid had some fine singing skills. It was too bad that the focus of the news byte was the hate mail that went around from some of the local racists. They were offended because this Mexican-American child was singing the national anthem. The twits who tweeted are having difficulty with diversity. It’s too bad, but if they don’t like brown, or black, red, or yellow, they can go north to Canada. Oops, I forgot about the Eskimos! It is a diverse world, and if they can’t deal with it, well let’s not give a megaphone to their mental illness.

Bigotry is alive and well in the U.S., amongst every other country. The haters are just waiters, waiting for their opportunity to spew their Jim Bigotignorance. What really bugs me is that the national media gives them the time of day. Note, that just as recent, there was a talented young lady who sang the anthem at the Miami sports arena for the first two games of the NBA finals (who was just as American as this Latino boy.) There was no drama or controversy there that we heard about. I think part of the theme is that the media outlets like to make Texas, or Texans look bad.

There is bad in all our backyards, but we have a choice. We can give attention to it, or ignore it. I am doing a parenting program later today about what types of communication by parents help a child behave, mature, and follow rules. All children need attention. It is the parents’ wisdom that determines what we will give attention to. If we continually give attention to bad behavior, we will get more bad behavior. Some things can be ignored, other things we need to respond quickly, firmly and sometimes painfully to communicate clearly that the behavior is very unacceptable. I believe when we give air time to the racists, idiots, wing-nuts, and fanatics, we are buying ourselves more of the same.

JIM internetMy training in school safety and what we hear from mass shootings is that many of the perpetrators are trying to get themselves in the lime-light. It is an effort in seeking super attention, and immortality. Well, we are all immortal; it is just a question of where we will spend eternity. I suggest to you that if you don’t have security in your eternal destiny, call me and I will explain the path to paradise.

Also in schools, when a student would commit suicide, that incident would be treated differently than the one who died accidentally or from disease. As a professional in education, we were not going to glorify social or self-destructive behaviors. We need to watch what we worship! Unfortunately, we are in an electronic world, where everything can be immediately videotaped, You-tubed and plastered all over the front pages and cyber sites. I just wish some things could be ignored. The alternative, which I also do, is to ignore the news!