Mount Signal Solar PV Plant Job Fair draws hundreds

Job hopefuls turn out en mass to apply for solar jobs

 HOLTVILLE – Construction of the Mount Signal Solar PV project, owned by a subsidiary of AES Solar Power, LLC, will begin in December 2012 and is due to be completed in 18 months. This project will encompass approximately 2,000 acres and will have a 200 MW capacity that will generate energy and fuel savings.

Along with this new project comes new job opportunities. Most of the jobs are construction related, and local businesses will benefit from supplying the company their needs during constructions such as meals, lodging, and incidentals. However, once construction ends, maintenance is done by a relatively small number of workers.

To find local business contractors and workers, mainly electrical, the Mount Signal Solar PV project held a job fair at the Barbara Worth Country Club. Hundreds of workers came in hopes of finding a high paying job with future employment possibilities.