Small Animal Pre-Fair


4H pic


February 1, 2014


Time:8:00 am registration

9:00 am show to begin

Location: DREC Facility located at 1044 E. Holton Rd. (next door to the 4-H Office in Holtville) near the greenhouse

Showmanship Classes Available

Primary(ages 5-8)

Junior Novice (first year members ages 9-13 Or not in high school)

Junior(ages 9-13 Or not in high school)

Senior Novice(first year members ages 14-19, or in high school)

Senior(ages 14-19,or in high school)

-Poultry-Cavies-Rabbits-Pygmy Goats-Waterfowl-Dogs-


There will be a registration fee of $1.00 for each showmanship class participated in. A snack bar will be available to sell food and drinks during the event.Families are encouraged to bring their own seating.

Come show off your showmanship skills and see how much you know.Participants are judged just as they would be at the fair and are given critiques so they know what to improve on in the next month.They are given tips, and “real world” practice in order to polish their skills before the fair.