It was early Sunday morning, a few weeks ago at Valley Baptist Church—and it was another one of those divine encounters. The young man was at the back of the sanctuary, while the worship team practiced. I introduced myself and invited him for coffee and pastries, which is part of our Pre-Sunday School ritual. Low and behold, young Chance Stephens, introduces himself to me and shares that he is just in Brawley briefly, since he is “walking across America” to raise funds and awareness about human trafficking. Since I have a background in counseling victims, I hung out with him during church, and for the rest of the day. He was scheduled to begin walking again on in the morning. He started in Santa Monica and was off to Blythe on Highway 78.


Chance Stephens is a healthy, young Air Force veteran who was honorably discharged from the Air Force earlier this year after six years of service. When he got out, he asked God the question “What do you want me to do?” He was answered the next day with information about a ministry called “Tiny Hands International,” one of the growing numbers of human trafficking (HT) ministries in the world. HT is basically an evil industry where women and children are often kidnapped, purchased or manipulated into a lifestyle of sexual service or domestic work in a person’s house. Trafficking victims also work in other areas, but they are most profitable in the sex industries of prostitution and pornography. By divine chance, Chance decided to walk across the country to raise money and awareness. He decided he wanted to give a hand to those enslaved, not only in Nepal, but also throughout the world.

Starting in Santa Monica California on September 9th and ending in Virginia Beach sometime in 2014. This is his current progress that can viewed online.
Starting in Santa Monica California on September 9th and ending in Virginia Beach sometime in 2014. This is his current progress that can viewed online.

You can take a good chance and support Chance in his mission. If you want to know more, go to his website, You can also check out TinyHandsInternational.orgfor more information about that ministry. Chance is trying to raise funds and awareness, and he does it by walking and talking to anyone God puts in his path along the way. He left the coast on September 9, passed Glamis and was in Blythe on his way to Arizona. Follow him on the Internet. Check out his website. He has some excellent photography, and you can connect with him on Twitter and Instagram. The most important is to pray for him, support him financially and do what you can for children, orphans and victims of human trafficking.

If you are interested in something locally, a group is forming to put on a conference about Human Trafficking from a Christian perspective. It is scheduled for February, here in the valley. For more information, or to get involved, call 760-353-5059 or email Jim at [email protected]


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Jim Shinn has lived in the valley for 57 years and was home-schooled in the 1950’s. He was been a counselor at schools, health clinics, drug treatment center and is the director of the Son-Shine Counseling Center. He has written for the Alpine Sun and the Desert Voice and has published 2 books Bedtime Storeezzz and Faith and Loving on the Way to Heaven. He has taught at IVC, SDSU and the University of Redlands and writes to keep sane in a very strange world. He loves Jesus and serves Christ at Valley Baptist Church in Brawley.