Single car accident on I-8



chpBOULDER CREEK, CA- Ryan Nicole Clough, 19, of Imperial Beach, CA, overcorrected on a left bending turn east of In-Ko-Pah Road. She skidded across the eastbound lanes of I-8 and continued across the dirt shoulder, going up a raised dirt embankment and launched in a southeasterly direction. The vehicle struck a cautionary traffic sign and rotated in a clockwise direction here the rear end of her 1998 Ford Ranger struck the mountainside.

Clough’s injuries included lacerations to her face, mouth and she complained of pain to her back and legs. She stated that she didn’t remember how the accident happened and had a limited statement

Her vehicle sustained total roll over damage.

Clough was flown into UCSD for further treatment by REACH air ambulance.

The accident is still under investigation.