Sidewinder Park and Christ Community Church Host Skate Contest

Tyler Galvan goes for a back-side heel grind.
EL CENTRO – Christ Community Church and professional skater Mike Steinkamp collaborated at Sidewinder Skate Park in El Centro on Saturday to host an advanced skateboarding competition for all ages.
Each of the 15 skaters had two, one-minute freestyle runs throughout the park. Javier Mendez started things off showcasing a fakie pop-shove on the quarter pipe to hype up the spectators.
Tito performed a hard-flip up the Euro and styled around the park, ending his routine with
a backside 180 tre-flip, which involves rotating the board 360 degrees around both its x-axis and y-axis relative to the skater, while both the skater and board rotated 180 degrees.
Next up, Kiarrah took on the hand rail with a board-slide and transitioned to clearing a six stair, finishing off her run with an air-walk attempt down the steps.
Amanda dropped in with an axle-stall into the quarter pipe and ended her routine with a
kick-flip down the four-stair.
Alex Cortez slid his deck across the hubba on a front-tail grind to elevate the stakes. Andrew Cassias followed, nailing a boneless 360 fingerflip over the A-frame.
Julian was next in line, showing the crowd a backside Smith-stall, while Tyler Galvan displayed his grinding abilities with a heel-flip front-board slide. James was the first to utilize the potato chip with a nollie and Raul had the spectators rooting on his front feeble down the rail.
Tyrique, with a Go-Pro camera on his helmet, featured a 180 nose-grind on his park pass. Milton had everyone jumping out of their seats when he landed a big spin front board-slide to fakie, followed by Matt stunting with nose-manual on the manny pad across the potato chip.
David showed everyone a back-180 up the Euro, while Ferbie Lyon closed out the competition with a back tail fakie-grind.
“We just really love our community and we wanted to let everyone at the skate park
know that we are reaching out to them and that they are welcomed. Our Youth Ministry
is located on 5th and Orange where we host an after school program on Tuesdays and
Thursdays from 3 – 6 p.m. that is open for all the youth in the community to come hang
out. We do events like these to let the kids know that we are here for them,” explained
Professional Skater Matt Steinkamp about the event’s inspiration.