Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy‘s alertness leads to a Significant Black Tar Heroin and Methamphetamine Seizure


  Salton City

SALTON CITY - On Saturday, June 15, 2013 approximately 10:48 PM, a Deputy working routine patrol in the Salton City area observed a vehicle traveling northbound on Highway 86.

The driver of the vehicle made numerous minor traffic violations consistent with a person that was under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both.

Based on the traffic violations and the possibility of the driver being impaired, the Deputy conducted a traffic stop. The deputy met with the driver, who he identified as Saul Cabello. He appeared nervous and his statements were inconsistent with his actions. This resulted in the deputy’s suspicion being raised, so he radioed for a United States Border Patrol K-9 unit for additional assistance.
Upon arrival, the K-9 alerted and the vehicle was transported back to the Highway 86 Checkpoint for the vehicle to be x-rayed.

Anomalies were discovered in all four tires. The tires were split open and 50 pounds of Black Tar Heroin and 32.9 pounds of Methamphetamine were discovered.


These narcotics have a street value of approximately $996,000. Both occupants of the vehicle were arrested and booked into the Imperial County Jail, Saul Cabello, 21 years old and Josue Aguirre, 18 years old, both list residences out of Mexicali, Mexico.