Sheriff’s Office Hosts Second Bring Your Child to Work Day



EL CENTRO- In light of National Bring Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day on Thursday, the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office held a special day for the employees’ children to spend a day watching their parents work.

This year, 50 children ranging in age from 5 to 16 toured the offices and saw where their parents worked during their shift.  Some of the sheriff employees got off work to be with their children for the tours.  The groups looked at the records, the science forensic department, they talked with officers about their work, and took a close-up look at the vehicles used on the job.

“It opens their eyes to what the sheriff’s office is and what their parents do during the day,” said under sheriff, Fred Miramontes.

“I get to see what other people do at her work and what she does,” said ten-year-old Isabella Mejorado when asked about her mother’s work.

Five-year-old Evana Chavarin, felt she already knew what her dad did and was happy for him.  “He arrests the bad guys and he keeps me safe,” said Evana.

“It was a good experience to see what he does,” said Luis Estrada, who is considering following in his father footsteps and going into law enforcement in the future.

As for the ICSO employees it was an even bigger joy to have their children with them at work.

“It’s an amazing experience, taking your kids into your environment and see where you work,” said Sergeant Ryan Kelley, “It’s an honor and a pleasure to be able to do that.”

“He’s constantly asking, “Mom, what do you do?’” said Jessika Romero, from the Admin Investigation Unit (AIU), about her son Nathan, “He didn’t know before, and now (he) knows.”

Those who did not have children present were happy to see the children of friends and fellow employees.

“We’re all a family!” said Tina Garcia, the crime prevention coordinator. “I’ve known most of them since they were small.”

Olivia Burgas, an employee in the ICSO fiscal department, was inspired to bring the event to the ICSO after listening to stories her sister has had with Bring Your Child to Work Day.  She brought it up to Sheriff Ramon Loera, who thought it was a great idea and got the ball rolling to start in 2015.

The sheriff’s office plans to keep this new tradition up for years to come, maybe even inspiring some to follow in their parents footsteps.

“It’s only going to get bigger from here,” said Burgos.

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