Sharia’s sentence hangs over Christian mom


BY Charlie Butts  

Meriam Ibrahim


Supporters of a Christian woman in Sudan, who is imprisoned and under a death sentence, are hopeful DNA tests will convince the U.S. government to help save her life.


Meriam Ibrahim was born to a Muslim father, who left when she was six years old, and an Orthodox Christian mother. Ibrahim, 27, who is a physician, is married to a naturalized Christian U.S. citizen and is in the late stages of pregnancy with their second child. Now imprisoned along with their 20-month-old son, she is accused of “apostasy” (for supposedly leaving the Muslim faith) and “adultery” because she’s married to a Christian in violation of sharia law.

Cameron Thomas is a spokesman for International Christian Concern.

“Despite the fact that Meriam has practiced Orthodox Christianity – and now Catholicism in her recent days – throughout her entire life, she is still considered a Muslim in the eyes of the legal system in Sudan,” Thomas explains.

According to news report, the young mother will be allowed to have her baby, but soon thereafter will face 100 lashes (for “adultery”) and death by hanging (for “apostasy”) at a later date. Despite the penalties, she has refused to recant her Christian faith.


The U.S. Embassy is requesting DNA tests to establish the relationship between Ibrahim and her two children. Thomas tells OneNewsNow the objective is to determine the children’s citizenship status.

“If that blood relation is established, what that means is that Meriam’s children are naturalized U.S. citizens – which is extremely concerning because that would mean that the U.S. is, as of right now, effectively standing by as an American is born in a Sudanese prison, which of course is infuriating not only to just Americans but for citizens the world over.”

Thomas said people can help by contacting their elected representatives in Washington and Sudan embassies throughout the world. ICC has begun a social media campaign (#ForMeriam) in hopes of further drawing the attention of the U.S. government.

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