September Hannah House Newsletter


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Greetings Brothers and Sisters in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I pray this letter finds you all fully blessed and serving God. I have so much to share with you all.

It seems like such a long time since I filled you in on what is happening in my life. Many of you have been asking me about my departure dates and if I’m ready to go, so when Jonathan asked me (Angel Dyson) if I’d like to write this month’s newsletter I knew this was God’s way of letting me share about how I am doing and how to pray for me.

I remember the first two times I went to Thailand that He told me, “You’re coming back.” Then in 2013, God spoke to my heart that I would be coming back to stay.

Angel in a refugee camp with Sangla.
Angel in a refugee camp with Sangla.

So I began making plans and putting my life into order so that in January of 2015 I’d be ready to board a plane with my one-way ticket to Thailand. Jonathan and I announced at the candlelight dinner last year that we were both planning to move full time into missions as of January 2015.

Some things have changed since that announcement like the fact that Jonathan is getting married!!! I have had the opportunity to meet Ashley and she is amazing! I hope you all can come to the banquet this year so you can meet her for yourself. Just as Jonathan’s plans have changed a little so have mine.

How many of you know that our timing and God’s timing are not always the same? Yes, I still believe I’m moving to Thailand in 2015, it just won’t be January. I’m still caring

for my sick mother and have my four grandchildren living with me as well as my sick daughter.

My plate does appear full at times but I know God is working it all out. Sometimes when I FEEL overwhelmed I remind myself this is not a FEEL walk but a FAITH walk and

Angel catching a huge Thai catfish.
Angel catching a huge Thai catfish.

I’m trusting God not my feelings.

He has promised to not allow more than I can handle and I believe He is preparing me for the mission field with real life trials and difficulties. I’m counting it all joy as my faith is growing during these many hard times. Please join me in prayer for my family’s health and the placement of my grandchildren into a God-fearing home as I take my place on the mission field.

Here are a few thoughts about what I will do when I move to Thailand. First, I will enroll in Thai school because it’s very important to speak their language. This will not only help me but will show care and respect for the people I’m trying to reach.

Prison ministry is a big part of my heart for the Thai people. What an opportunity to share the Gospel with hundreds of men and women at one time! Then, once they are discipled in the prisons we plan to open up discipleship homes and continue the education of these men and women so they can be sent out to reach their own people groups.

I know by the time I move over to Chiang Mai we will have many new girls at Hannah House. Sangla says we now have 9 new girls! She and Supakit are interviewing others to come into the house.

Hannah House has so many facets that will enable me to reach out and minister. These groups include the Hannah House girls, their families, and a prison, which includes the guards as well as prisoners, refugee camps, people around the coffee farm, and Lord willing the red light district. As you can see the vision keeps growing and there is so

Angel ministering at Hannah House
Angel ministering at Hannah House

much to do and many souls to reach in so little time.

I, like Jonathan and Ashley do need your support in order to make this move next year. The truth is I may have a desire and a calling but I need your help to answer the call. I am hoping to find monthly supporters and be receiving finances now so that by the time I leave next year I will not have to wait.


Angle Dyson