See You at the Pole


see you at the pole

See You at the Pole is quickly approaching. This global, student-led prayer movement is happening on each campus at the school flagpole 7AM on Wednesday, Sept 24.

It is not a political rally, or free speech event. It is simply a time for students to gather and pray for their school, country, & families.

At YFC, it is our goal to have a caring adult present at each campus to support the students’ efforts.

If you know which campus you will be attending SYATP, please let us know. If you would like to attend and our looking for a place to fill a need, give us a call, ASAP.

ON SEPTEMBER 17TH, we are having our annual PRE-POLE RALLY.  This is an evening of worship and prayer that is attended by hundreds of youth from all over the valley in order to prepare them for the following week’s prayer event.

We invite you and your youth group to join with us that night for a high energy evening of praise and heartfelt prayer for our valley schools.

This year’s Pre-Pole Rally will be held at Christ Community Church in El Centro and will begin at 6:00pm on Wednesday, Sept 17th. I have attached promo materials and more are available at