Second Day

 Jim_Shinn                Many of us have heard of Third Day. It is either the day the Jesus was resurrected or the very talented Christian rock band. Both of them make us feel good. We just celebrated Resurrection Day, Easter, and the band has had a long legacy of great music. My question is “What about the ‘second day?’” It doesn’t get a lot of attention.

                After Jesus’s crucifixion on Good Friday, we like to fast forward to the third day, when all the prophecy came true, the work was finished and it was time for celebration.

 Everyone likes a winner, but prior to the third day when the doubting and grief came to an end, it was difficult times.

You may be going through a second day as you read these words. Often in life, we feel defeated or we get very tired of the struggling. The problem can be work, finances, health, family or just the dog barking at night in the neighborhood. Problems have a way of lingering too long. It is during these times that we sometimes want to take matters into our own hands and rig the solution.

Second day dilemmas can last a long time. We went from death to resurrection in 72 hours and during that time, the disciples scattered and Peter pretended to not know his bestdiscouraged man friend. When times are dark, it is easy for us to get distracted and do things we might regret. In the counseling business, when someone suffers a close family loss or goes through a divorce, we try to discourage major decisions for at least a year. The wounds are often too tender and emotions don’t lay the best foundation for decision making.

While we wait for things to get better or at least get through the storm, what is a man to do? A couple of things stand out for me, in the Word, and in my life. Most helpful, is to keep getting together with those who can support you. Several times you can see in the Bible, where the disciples were together. Their meeting together is noted at the end of several of the Gospels. Fellowshipping with believers or those who are also struggling can help us get through the second day or our difficult times. The other thing that is important is to keep busy. It is important to grieve, but Peter went back to fishing after experiencing the loss of his friend, his Lord and his Savior.

Keep with those you care about, and who can care for you. Keep busy, and keep on keeping on. It is tempting to let the depression deprive you. Do not let what you cannot do, keep you from doing what you can. During the second day, do things around the house, for your church or your community. While searching for answers, try to serve someone. Being helpful, helps us get through the dark days. The second day will come to an end but too often not soon enough.

It is also common to have second thoughts about the self, decisions, plans and purposes as you manage the storms of life. Remember, there will be trials and tribulations, but also that God’s plan is also for you to have third day.sunrise