Season’s Greetings



This is not about welcoming in the Christmas season (but I did hear rumors that the retailers are getting their stuff out even earlier this year). I am writing to welcome in the cooler weather. Today is September 3 and it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


You know how weird we are in the valley when it is 106 degrees and people say, “it’s nice out.” I am a member of the even stranger and smaller group that doesn’t mind the heat. My lovely wife will complain because her thermostat is very different than mine.


However, two things stood out to me when it’s a blazing 119 like it was 2 weeks ago. First, I like sweating and I don’t even have to rent the sauna. The other is the cost/benefit analysis.


I am willing to pay 2 months of “close to hell on earth” to have near nirvana the other 9 to 10 months. We can wear tank T-shirts and shorts in the winter. We have a great deal here in the valley, and if I were a farmer—I would be even happier.


We are all in the midst of seasons, and the good news is that they don’t last. Like my brother-in-law stated at a speech at a family reunion, “I am in the springtime of my senility.”


As football fan, I am flipping over in joy over the new season that kicks off tonight. What season are you in? Is it the winter of your discontent? Maybe you’re in the storm of life that happens with family problems, or the death of a loved one.


It is helpful to recognize that we go through seasons. Ecclesiastes, a Book in the Bible, helps a lot as we reconcile ourselves with change. Sometimes, when we are in the middle of a very difficult season, it is helpful to remember that this too shall pass! There is a time to reap, a time to sow. Check it out in the Bible if you want to learn how to manage your seasons.


I am entering the last quarter of my life game, the senior season. So far, it has been pretty good. I get a few discounts here and there and people don’t have high expectations from an old dog like me. I have good doctors, so between them, pills, duct tape and bailing wire—I still get along pretty well.


If you want to have a good senior season, listen to your doctors, exercise, do some service to humanity and change your eating habits. The last is hard for me, but nothing like symptoms to remind you what season it is.


We can’t change the seasons. Of course you can wear a tank top in January or a jacket in July, but we either accept the season or experience the splinters of going against the grain.


I hope you have a good season or two this year. I will be going on vacation in a few days, so I will be entering a short season of rest. God bless you and again, season’s greetings!