SDSU-IV announces $10,000 in scholarship awards


Calexico, Ca.- There is no shortage of talent on the Imperial Valley campus of San Diego State University, if you know where to look. Take, for instance, Rebecca O. Veliz, who’s educational journey has not been an easy one yet her determination and persistence has led her to where she is today – a liberal studies major with future plans of enrolling in the teacher credential program.


 “If someone had told me thirty seven years ago that at the age of fifty-five I would be two semesters from completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies, I would have thought that they were insane. Today I can say that it is never too late to get an education” says Ms. Veliz.


Or sophomore and double major in English and History Liri Wu, who despite facing health-threatening challenges, has achieved so much, excelled academically and is very proactive. Ms. Wu is currently working as a volunteer with the Associate Dean in the revision of the Student Disability Service webpage to make sure disabled students have all the information needed in one place.


These two outstanding students, along with three others, are the recipients of $2,000 scholarships for 2012-2013 from the Nogales Family Endowment for their academic achievements, volunteer service, and community involvement.


Rebecca O. Veliz, is the recipient of the Alejandro and Florencia Nogales Scholarship; Julian Ramos, a graduate student enrolled in the Master’s program for public administration and Eduardo Chavez, a sophomore majoring in criminal justice are also recipients of the Alejandro and Florencia Nogales Scholarship.


 One student, Toni G. Bracamonte, a junior majoring in history and minor in Chicano Studies, is the recipient of the Emily M. Wogaman Scholarship sponsored by the Nogales Family Endowment. Liri Wu, a sophomore majoring in English, is the recipient of the Alicia Mendoza Scholarship sponsored by the Nogales Family Endowment.


The Nogales Family Endowment was established by Luis Nogales, longtime Calexico resident, SDSU graduate and a graduate of the Stanford School of Law.


Recognized as one of the nation’s most prominent corporate leaders, in 2001 he established the Alejandro and Florencia Nogales Scholarships to honor his parents.


The Emily W. Wogaman Scholarship was established in 2008 to honor Nogales’ former Calexico High School teacher, friend, and mentor.

 Last fall 2011, the Alicia Mendoza Scholarship was established in honor of Mr. Nogales’ longtime childhood friend. Ms. Mendoza is an active community member and advocate for the City of Calexico.


“Mr. Luis Nogales, is a true champion of higher education. It is because of his generosity and support that we are able to award these scholarships to our most deserving students” said Dr. David Pearson, Dean of the Campus.


The public is invited to a presentation of the awards on November 2, at 10:00 a.m. in front of the campus, 720 Heber Avenue, Calexico, CA.


Alicia Mendoza, Nogales family scholarship representative, Florencia Nogales, Emily Wogaman Scholarship representative, and David E. Pearson, Dean of the Campus, will present the awards.


The Imperial Valley Campus, an extension of San Diego State University, has an enrollment of 788 students this academic year 2012-2013. It is a two-year upper division campus serving the desert area of southeastern California.


 It is accredited as an integral division of SDSU and operates under the same academic calendar. Established in 1959 by an act of the State legislature, the campus is located in the Imperial Valley in the US/Mexico border city of Calexico.


Offering the last two years of undergraduate education, graduate programs, and fifth year credential programs for teacher preparation, the campus accepts students who have at least 60 transferable units from community colleges or other accredited institutions.