School Districts to establish budgets through LCAP


BUHS front

BRAWLEY – Wednesday night, Brawley Union High School District board members learned with the advent of Common Core, many other changes for educators, parents and students are happening. Perhaps one of the most profound is funding.


As state and federal governments came to control more of academic funding, stipulations came down the pike with money. There were unrestricted and restricted accounts, each containing dozens of sub-accounts, and all dictating districts spending ability.


The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) changes everything.


Dr. Danielian, superintendent of BUHSD, gave a detailed presentation Wednesday night to her board and those in attendance of what LCAP means to the community.


California will now send a lump sum to each district based on their LCAP. The District has the responsibility to say how they want their money spent.


“We will have the stakeholders of our district come together and decide how to fund our established priorities,” Dr. Danielian said. “This is exciting, even the students will have a say.”


The school is developing a plan for education along Common Core lines. The school budget will now be closely connected to those plans. LCAP ties financial resources directly to the students’ needs.


Danielian explained that the process to develop the LCAP starts with consulting with the stakeholders: the teachers, principals, pupils, and teacher unions.


Then a plan will be presented for review and comment to a parent advisory group. The process calls for the superintendent to respond in writing to all comments received.


After the parent advisory group finishes their review, the general public is given an opportunity for their input. A notice will be published of the opportunity for the general public to submit their written comment. There also will be a public hearing. Again the superintendent must respond in writing to comments received.


Finally, the plan will be adopted and submitted to the County Office of Education for approval. The County will post the LCAP for each district and school on their website.


The timeline begins now and the District hopes to have the first Public Hearing by May with filing the approved plan to the state in October of 2014.