School Bathroom Bill Passes Committee With Opposition


AB 1266
Sacramento, CA—In a 5-2 vote, California Assembly Bill 1266 passed through the State Senate Education Committee this morning. The bill now heads to the Senate floor.

On February 22, 2013, Assembly Bill (AB) 1266 was introduced in the California Legislature by Asm. Tom Ammiano (D—San Francisco).

This bill seeks to impose radical “gender identity” mandates on K-12 public schools to a degree that most parents would find shocking. AB 1266 requires that elementary, middle and high school students be allowed to fully participate on sports teams of the opposite sex, and access opposite-sex bathrooms, locker rooms, and other “facilities,” based solely on the student’s self-proclaimed “gender identity”—not their biological sex.

At the hearing, there was considerable discussion on the ramifications of the bill. Two senators of the total nine on the committee abstained from voting on the controversial bill—giving it a bare majority for passage.

PJI attorney Matthew McReynolds testified at today’s hearing, raising privacy concerns and suggesting that the legislature should first de-segregate their own bathrooms before forcing it on students.

Legislative staffers told PJI that they received a flood of calls about the bill. PJI has led the opposition to AB 1266 by launching to raise awareness about this bill.